1 in 4

Did you know that one in four Americans will have a diagnosable, treatable mental health condition sometime in their lives? They are our mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, children and friends. They are our neighbors and coworkers. One in four means that mental illness isn't just something that happens to people we don't know. One in four means that whenever four buddies are out golfing, two couples are dining together, or when four singers harmonize, one person in the group is likely to be affected by a diagnosable mental illness. It's your mom, your kid, your uncle, your friend.  Mental illness doesn't just affect strangers. It affects people we know and love.

Yet, because of its stigma, mental illness is often not as visible as other health-related problems. MHAGC strives to raise awareness of mental health issues and to make mental wellness more visible as a health priority in Greenville. Just as with physical health conditions, mental health conditions are real and treatable, yet factors like stigma and limited funding create barriers to getting help. MHAGC encourages you to open your eyes to the one in four.

To be aware of mental health strides and struggles means to be aware of the past, present and future of mental health in Greenville County. Participate. Give. Grieve. Remember. Hope.

Mental Health America of Greenville County asks, "Who's your 1 in 4?" Because it's not one in four of "them;"

it's one in four of US.

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