Reassurance Line

Reassurance Line is a free service that provides support for clients of the Greenville County Mental Health Centers and serves as a liason between the consumers and case managers. The program has proven to be a valuable tool in bridging the gap between consumers and their case managers and plays a vital role in early detection of mental and physical health related issues. Reassurance Line helps consumers maintain their independent status in the community through a dedicated 24-hour telephone service that promotes confidence, safety and connectedness. The Reassurance Line functions on a peer to peer arrangement, with CRISISline staff as back-up. While consumers of the Reassurance Line can call in for support,  the majority of calls are placed outgoing to the consumers. Each year, over 9,000 calls are scheduled. Outgoing calls provide a friend to chat with who helps promote confidence and support healthy living through activities of daily living reminders.  Reassurance Line also gives support for follow through on mental health treatment plans by providing appointment and medication reminders, encouraging positive interactions with others and encouraging activities and use of support systems.

The following are some of the comments from Reassurance Line consumers:

  • "Our conversations make me feel less lonely."
  • "Reassurance Line reminded me of the importance of taking meds."
  • "There are times when Reassurance Line is the only conversation I have had for several days."
  • "Reassurance Line makes me feel important. When down Reassurance Line makes me feel better.  This service was not in my hometown.  If it had been I may not have gotten so bad earlier in life.  Need more services like this."

Additionally, we seek to create an environment for our consumer employees that nurtures growth and promotes confidence.  We strive to empower our consumer employees with the skills needed to thrive in a workforce without sacrificing the importance of their treatment plan.

The following are some of the comments from Reassurance Line consumer employees:

  • "Reassurance Line has given me confidence, self worth, and meaningfulness in the community."
  • "I have learned to listen to what others have to say and to be alert of scheduling calls and time management."
  • "The experience and relationships gained here have been very valuable to my own healing and I treasure them."

Individuals who are clients of the Greenville Mental Health Center or Piedmont Center for Mental Health Services and wish to utilize the services of the Reassurance Line, can contact the program coordinator by emailing or calling 864-467-3350.

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