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Thanks for your interest in Colors 4 Hope! Here's how you can give your support:

Donate to Colors 4 Hope: Please note that when you choose to Donate to Colors 4 Hope it will look and feel as if you are buying a "product" in a shopping cart, but please Proceed to Checkout assured that your donation will be processed as a true donation and we will mail you a tax-deductible receipt; so please be sure to give your correct mailing address. Thank you for your generosity!

Support a friend or a team: Click the blue "Find a Fundraiser's Campaign" button in the left margin to search for the team or friend in whose name you wish to donate. Open that Fundraiser's profile and click the "Support This Campaign" button. You'll see your friend's or the team's profile picture has appeared in the top left corner of the page. So, now everything you buy gets credited to your friend or team, and you get to be wonderful in multiple ways. Next, click the "Start Giving" button to register for the race, donate, or buy color and other cool stuff. 

If you want to support more than one person or team, we suggest completing one transaction in support of the first one, then after your registration or purchase is complete you can come back and select the next person or team you want to support. This time, whatever you buy will be credited to them.

And thank you for coming here to support your friend or team and our Colors 4 Hope race!

Become a Fundraiser yourself: If you want to start your own fundraising campaign, first of all, thank you! Click the blue "Become a Fundraiser" button in the left margin. Complete the form, beginning by choosing the MHAGC program you want to support from the drop down list at the top. Hover your mouse over the question marks at the right of the form to see helpful tips about what needs to go in the boxes.

If you want to support more than one of MHAGC's programs, when you fill out the "Your Name/Your Organization" box just include the program with your name. So you can start a "Your Name - Colors 4 Hope" campaign, and then when you're done you can use the "Become a Fundraiser" button again to create a separate "Your Name - Survivors of Suicide" campaign, and so on.

"Offline donations" are any donations you have already received or expect to receive outside of your fundraising campaign on this website.

Thanks again for your support of MHAGC and Colors 4 Hope!


 General Store Information:

Supporting Mental Health America of Greenville County through our online fundraising store is easy and secure! Just follow these 3 simple steps:

  1. Search the available items to determine what you would like to purchase.
  2. Update the "quantity" field to indicate the number of items you want and then click the "donate" button to place the items in your cart.
  3. After you have added all of the items you want to donate to your cart, complete the checkout process to finalize your donation order.

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The staff and volunteers at Mental Health America of Greenville County appreciate your support.

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