Pennies from Heaven

Pennies from Heaven began earlier this year because 14-year-old Girl Scout Emily Wirthlin started collecting pennies. And lots of them. Her goal: to raise a million pennies (or ten thousand dollars) to help those in Greenville County who are homeless and have a mental illness. The money benefits MHAGC, who has partnered with Emily in this project. MHAGC gives interest-free $500 loans to individuals who are homeless and have a mental illness as start-up funds for expenses such as deposits, rent, utilities and furniture. Along with the funds, recipients receive help from MHAGC for budgeting and household management. Recipients then pay the loan back to MHAGC over the course of one year, so that the funds will then be available for future recipients.

Because it can be so difficult for those who are homeless and struggling with mental illness to obtain housing again, these funds will give those individuals a fresh start they would not normally have. Emily began this fundraiser as part of a Girl Scout project. The fourteen year old saw an artist make a million-penny sculpture on TV and thought about what she could do with a million pennies. Her mother, Stephanie Wirthlin, is a Special Services Coordinator for the Piedmont Center for Mental Health Services in Simpsonville. MHAGC is thrilled and truly grateful to have the opportunity to work with Emily and Stephanie on this project.

Want to help us reach our $10,000 goal? Click here to donate and designate the donation towards Pennies from Heaven.

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