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Survivors of Suicide (SOS) and Memorials

Survivors of Suicide (SOS) and Memorials

Survivors of Suicide (SOS) provides a safe place where survivors can share experiences and support each other on the journey toward healing.  MHAGC is grateful that you are sharing the memory of your loved one with others and thus supporting a whole group of individuals who have lost a loved one to suicide.  The SOS program provides two open group monthly meetings, eight week groups for adults and children, after hours on call services, and home visits for those too fragile to attend. 


Take Action. Support SOS. Create a Memorial.

  • Your Own Survivors of Suicide Donation/Memorial

    Create a donation to Survivors of Suicide, and if you wish, give in memory of or in honor of a loved one in any amount you choose. Thank you for your support of those who are "hurting out loud." If you are one of them or if you're not, thank you for helping us to be there for those who suffer this unique type of grief.

    ***It will look and feel as if you are buying a "product" in a shopping cart, but please Proceed to Checkout assured that your donation will be processed as a true donation and we will mail you a tax-deductible receipt; so please be sure to give your correct mailing address. Thank you for your generosity!***

    Personal SOS Donation