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Dear Friend,

If you have come to the Survivors of Suicide (SOS) page of Mental Health America of Greenville County's website because you have lost a loved one to suicide, then you are among a very unique and brave group of people who have been thrown into the path, very similar, to an oncoming train.

We encourage you, if you are a survivor of suicide, that you join us in our Monthly Open Group which meets the first and third Tuesday of each month from 7:00PM until 8:30 PM at St. Michael Lutheran Church  2619 Augusta Street Greenville. This group is facilitated by peers who have experienced this loss and the pain, anger, confusion, guilt and wide range of emotions that follow a death from suicide.  No one understands like someone who has walked that walk.

Every year 30,000 people end their lives in suicide. They are not just statistical numbers but they are husbands, wives, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, children, friends and lovers. Why this happens to them and what precedes their deaths has been studied and written about extensively, but what happens afterward to those of us who are left behind has been given far less attention.

If you have experienced that terrible moment in which your joy in living has been suddenly eclipsed by learning that someone you loved has died from suicide, you are a survivor of suicide, another kind of victim of suicide.

It is our hope that you will continue to be strengthened in your heart and spirit and that you will find our group and learn that life can be joyous again, regardless of the horror you may find yourself at this particular time. We promise that life does go on, and you will re-enter it with new eyes that see life in a new and hopeful perspective but still honoring and remembering the one you have loved and lost.


Alice, Courtney, and Jennifer

Survivors and SOS Facilitators
Greenville, South Carolina

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